About Us


2004 Gurlfytrz® (Girlfighters®) is a Non-Profit that helps Domestic Violence Victims/families and single parents.

Marcia Mason is a 5th degree Black Belt and a domestic violence survivor. Her son Travis is a 3rd degree Black Belt and daughter Ayla Jo is a 2nd degree Black Belt.

Ayla competes in Sport Karate Forms and Fighting and Travis is an Amateur Kickboxer and Personal Trainer.



We are helping each other more through friendships, spirituality, groups we are involved with together, and tragedies we move through together. We are realizing we can do this damn journey because we have angels to pick us up when we are down, we have best friends we can call and cry to, and they listen. We are supporting each other more now than before.

We are becoming stronger but more compassionate, independent but not bitter about it, passionate in what we do, because we are learning to believe in ourselves as women, and because of all this we are becoming more successful at our jobs and better mothers, even if we are single. Having better relationships because we deserve the best and demand it. We are all on our own journeys, and we are strong, independent fighters of OUR lives, “GurlFytrz.” We are capable, and the world is watching us move up to another level now, yeah right now…

Women these days need to keep an attitude at all times with work and personal challenges. Nothing will slow me down. Second place is not an option! I am not just talking about sports, but life in general. To be the best mother, the best at your job, to have the best communication with your loved ones, to obtain confidence in areas of your life that make you feel good, so others look at you and say, “She is a fighter” …a GURLFYTR!