Help Your Community

2015 TEAM !
2015 TEAM !



There are so many ways you can help your community. We have been doing this for years!!  Listed below are some things that are very easy to implement into your schools-groups-churches-workplaces-and businesses.  A lot of times you can get some press (free advertising) for doing things to help your community.

1-Have a food drive and donate to your local food bank. Especially effective after the Holidays when food banks are low.

2-Collect lightly used coats for kids and donate them to either a shelter or your local boys and girls clubs.

3-Have all your kids make Christmas Cards for veterans and take them to a vets hospital or housing.

4-Gather lightly used Women’s work clothes and donate to a women’s  shelter.

5-Have a fundraiser for something special in your town and contribute to it.

6-Gather toys for kids in need at Christmas time.

There are many many more things you can do to help and if you want the publicity call your local paper and tell them what you are doing they usually love to cover things of this nature!