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Gurlfytrz empowers families & children through the medium of Martial Arts. We offer Martial Arts scholarships to all those who qualify.
GurlFytrz Foundation

Founded in 2007, GurlFytrz is a Utah based nonprofit organization that provides martial arts training, fitness education and educational resources for victims of domestic violence. The core of GurlFytrz work is focused on self-defense training and outreach activities designed to educate victims about the value of becoming emotionally and financially independent from an abusive relationship or divorce. The organization has a concentrated focus in Wasatch and Summit Counties, but provides services through its Affiliate partners across the United States.

GurlFytrz was established by a survivor of domestic violence as a way to reach out to others in need. By offering scholarships for self-defense courses and karate classes, developing Affiliate partnerships, and building outreach opportunities for women and their families, the organization strives to reach as many women and their families as possible-whether they are victims of domestic violence or not.

Our name GurlFytrz was chosen when the organization was initially focused on empowering women in domestic violence
situations. The name has evolved to demonstrate independence and strength and associates the organization with empowerment of women, children and families.

Through the first years of the Non-Profits life we realized the importance of helping all family members and have awarded many scholarships to teens and children as the benefits of Martial Arts overflows into life situations.

Martial Arts has been proven to help with self-esteem, confidence, integrity and time management, which in turn helps children do better in school and adults perform better at work. Families that “Kick together Stick together”.

Many of our scholarship students go on to join our leadership program which teaches them to become teachers and also compete in the Sport Karate area of our art.

We have a simplistic application for the scholarships and have Spanish speaking teachers that can help with language barriers if there are any.

In summary Martial Arts classes can keep kids off the streets, benefit their schooling and bring families together for long lasting lifetime benefits. Any age 5 and up may apply for our scholarships.

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